G. Lowry


    May 27-30, 2014 We did all of our work book pages today, Monday in class and wrote the words 5 times each. Students who got a 95 or 100% on their practice test are done with spelling for the year. Those who missed more than one will take the test again tomorrow. THERE IS NO BIG UNIT REVIEW TEST OVER UNIT 6 WORDS.
    May 27-30, 2014 We read the new story "Chocolate is Missing" today silently and will take a test over it Wednesday.I did not take a grade on this test.
    G. Lowry


    May 27-30, 2014 We turned in our books today. No more assignments....
    G. Lowry


    The last day of school is Friday, May 30. We will dismiss at 2:00. This Friday is also Field Day. Students will want to wear tennis shoes on FIELD DAY.... If it rains the games will be inside. We will also be having a pizza party Thursday in the room for our AR Party. Students are asked to bring $2.50 and I will provide the drinks and chips.
    G. Lowry


    May 27-30 No homework. We are working on a poster in class. We are finding nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs and writing them on a large poster.

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    I will be using this site for classroom communication, such as, spelling words, homework or general events that may be going on in the classroom.


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