Employment Opportunities


April 25, 2018

Oblong Community Unit School District #4 currently has the following openings for the 2018-2019 school year:

Pre-K - 5 Elementary Teacher
K-12 Special Education Teacher with LBS-1 certification
Custodian: This position will be evenings during the school year and days during the summer.

Submit application with resume by May 16, 2018 to:
Jeffery Patchett, Superintendent
Oblong Community Unit School District #4
P.O. Box 40
Oblong, IL 62449

Bookkeeper/Payroll Clerk

Qualifications: Bachelor degree in the Business or Finance area or a High School
diploma with a minimum of 2 years experience in an accounting, bookkeeping, or related
See Job Description Below:

Position Title: Bookkeeper & Payroll
Location: District Office
Reports To: Superintendent
FLSA Class: Non-exempt
Category: Bookkeeper
Summary: Attends to the financial accounting, investments, and funds of the district while overseeing and supervising the other business functions of the district. Attends in a proper
manner the payroll and accounts processing needs of the
district and assist with financial reporting and record

1. Responsible for all financial accounting
a) Assists the superintendent in preparing the budget, types the state forms,
and enters all information regarding the budget on the accounting system
as well as files the budget with the County Clerk and the State
b) Posts all receipts and expenditures to the budget and balances all accounts
and funds
c) Completes all financial month-end and year-end reports
d) Reconciles the districts fund  checking accounts and prepares the monthlyTreasurer’s Report for the Board
e) Prepares for the annual audit and works with auditors to complete all year-
end reconciliation and reports
f) Reports to the Finance Committee and attend their meetings
g) Together with the Superintendent, prepares the annual Tax Levy Report,
calculates the estimated tax rate, and files the levy with the County Clerk
h) Prepares Cash Flow reports and predicts, to the best of their ability, the
future cash needs of the district
i) Works with the Investment Advisor to invest any available cash
j) Runs all monthly Financial Account Detail Reports for administrators and meets with them regarding any discrepancies
k) Responsible for completing and filling the annual Statement of Affairs and posting as required by law
l) Responsible for filing all year-end audits and financial reports with the State, Office of State Comptroller, as well as State and Federal Audit Clearinghouses

2. Responsible for overseeing accounts payable procedures
a) Periodically reviews accounts payable reports and verifies that all invoices are posted to the correct accounts
b) Periodically reviews all open purchase orders and verifies that all are posted to the correct accounts and are current and correct
c) Periodically audits selected bills for accuracy and to protect the district from misuse of funds by employees
d) Enters bills ensuring they are posted to the correct accounts
e) Processes accounts payable checks verifying for accuracy
f) Communicates with vendors when questions arise concerning payments, services, and equipment
g) Completes tax exemption forms when necessary
h) Generates and distributes 1099 forms

3. Responsible for overseeing all payroll accounting
a) Annually prepares the payroll spreadsheet
b) Annually prepares the Employee Service Records and distributes them
c) Assists the Superintendent and Board with cost-outs for proposals during
contract negotiations
d) Annually balances Federally Funded payroll amounts for the TRS report
e) Enters and verifies accuracy of all employee contracts
f) Prepares extracurricular stipends for payment
g) Completes employee verifications for financial institutions
h) Works with CUFEA to ensure dues are deducted in a timely manner
i) Calculates and enters employee payroll deductions as needed
j) Enters timesheet on computer and checks them for accuracy
k) Tracks employee attendance
l) Makes adjustments to employee contracts as directed by the Board
m) Submits pre-notes for direct deposit as necessary for new employees and substitutes
n) Processes all payroll vouchers
o) Remits payroll to the district depository via the internet
p) Processes all payroll remittances according to state and federal regulations which includes but is not limited to Federal taxes, state taxes, teacher retirement and the Illinois Municipal Retirement fund
q) Processes the monthly and quarterly unemployment report and any related remittances
r) Processes federal, state, and TRS obligations each payroll including but not limited to 941’s
s) Coordinates with the District’s 403b plan manager and American Fidelity

4. Responsible for accounts receivable and bill collection
a) Invoices South Eastern Special Education and others as necessary for building rental amounts
b) Invoices South Eastern Special Education for transportation services
c) Invoices area districts for vocational and/or special education students taught by the district
d) Sends collection notices for bad checks and/or unpaid or past due student fees and represents the district in court collection process

5. Responsible for Grant Account and Donation Reporting
a) Accesses the Illinois State Board of Education web site and electronically
files the monthly, quarterly and year-end grant expenditure reports
b) Maintains all expenditure files for all grant and special donation accounts
c) Updates spreadsheets for Title I, Title IIA, and Preschool Grants and works with the Grant Administrators

6. Responsible for Medicaid Expenditure Reporting
a) Completes the quarterly Medicaid reports and files them on the State website

7. Growth and development
a) Strives to maintain and improve competence
b) Attends staff meetings and serves on staff committees as required
c) Remains current in the field

8. Other job duties
a) Responsible for MOE reporting
b) Serves as compliance officer for bond issues
c) Responsible for overseeing the maintenance of fixed asset listings
d) Under the guidance and control of the Superintendent, has the overall responsibility for the development and maintenance of the Risk Management Program and continually evaluates the effectiveness of the program
e) Completes and files the annual Teacher Retirement Report
f) Maintains the district postage machine and account
g) Prepares and files all W2s
h) Completes and files the annual Special Education Personnel Report
i) Completes and files the annual Special Education Extraordinary Report
j) Completes and files the annual Transportation Report
k) Runs all Fiscal and Calendar Year-End Reports
l) Assists auditors and provides information during the annual district audit
m) Prepares the documentation for the annual Workman’s Compensation audit
n) Serves as District authorized agent for IMRF
o) Serves as Board Secretary and Treasurer
p) Performs any other duties as deemed appropriate and necessary by the Superintendent
q) Assumes any other duties which are appropriate and assigned by the Superintendent or Board of Education

1. Bachelor degree in Business or Finance area or
2. High School diploma and a minimum of 2 years experience in an accounting,
bookkeeping, or related position
3. Computer Skills including Microsoft Office and knowledge or ability to learn the District’s Financial Software
4. Ability to communicate with staff and the public in a courteous and helpful manner
5. Must be willing and able to enforce school regulations and policies in a professional manner
6. Must have the ability to maintain good working relationships with fellow employees
7. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable

Terms of Employment: Twelve months
Scheduling: 40 hours per week with some flexibility in start and end times each day

Evaluation: Annually by the Superintendent
Submit application and resume by May 1, 2018 to:

Jeffery Patchett, Superintendent
Oblong Community Unit School District #4
P.O. Box 40
Oblong, IL 62449