Accelerated Reader

What is Accelerated Reader?

Accelerated Reader handles all the record keeping of your reader. The software collects, collates and reports on the vast quantity of data being generated by your student. This data is presented to Teachers in the format of some 30+ reports.

By using these reports, a Teacher can intervene with students that are struggling with their independent reading or becoming bored with the material they're selecting. This 'intervention' is really where the work begins!

Reports you need to understand are outlined below:

TOPS Report
TOPS stands for: The Opportunity to Praise a Student and forms the basis of student motivation. It prints every time a student completes a Quiz.

TOPS reports allow you, their Teacher, to instantly praise or offer suggestions if outcomes don't turn out as favourably as expected. This is a great report to send home with younger students as reinforcement of praise from other sources.

Click to see what this sample report looks like.

Diagnostic Report
This the most fundamental report and contains the greatest wealth of data on each student. Its function is to summarise all your students on one page.

Information contained on this report includes:

  • the LEVEL of each student's reading practice
  • the QUALITY of each student's reading practice
  • the QUANTITY each student's reading practice

Click to see what this sample report looks like.

Student Reading Record
This report provides a list of all the Accelerated Reader material read by a student, as well as results obtained. It allows teachers to quickly see if a student is reading material either too difficult, too easy, same genre, etc. It's a fabulous report to include on Student Report Cards!

Click to see what this sample report looks like.

Our library has about 10,000 books that we use for accelerated reading. Click here to see our list of AR books. The number of books continues to grow so that we can continually challenge your reader!

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