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WYSE Team earns 1st place at regional competition

WYSE 2016.jpg


Front Row:
Kassey Wells, Baylee Sparks, Maddy Allen, Keithfer Dolson, George Schalasky, Cecilia Slane, Belle Kemp, Sean Smith

Back Row:
Coach Mary Patchett, Nyah Laino, Jared Bailey, Samantha Pepmeier, Haze Lemmon, Lewis Myers, Zander Laino 

Belle Kemp – Biology 2nd Place
George Schalasky – Computer Science 1st Place, Engineering Graphics 2nd Place
Sean Smith – Engineering Graphics 3rd Place
Cecilia Slane – English 1st Place, Math 1st Place
Kassey Wells – English 3rd Place
Baylee Sparks – Math 3rd Place
Keithfer Dolson – Physics 1st Place
Maddy Allen – Physics 1st Place





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